Digital Technology to Assist Students With Learning Difficulty

In this section we will examine how we can better use digital technology to assist students with learning difficulties, disadvantaged students and minority groups. A series of lectures given by teachers with an expertise in this field are included. Topics examined include; digital technology as a vocational learning support, as an accessible resource and study support, available types of digital assistive technology and focusing on the stronger learning styles of the individual student.

Universal Design for Learning also plays a key role here in that it allows teachers to focus on the students strengths and not to judge a student’s ability within the narrow focus of written assignments or assessment. Often students with learning difficulties may be capable of demonstrating their learning more fully through the medium if podcasts, film, audio files or visually where they may fail to do so using a formal written assessment process. Student confidence and motivation can be greatly improved by using digital technology to shift the focus on to what the student can do, rather than falling into the trap of highlighting the learning difficulty.


Skills Centre Use of Supportive Tech

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Accessible videos

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Improving digital competencies of SEN students in VET

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Food Blog

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Digital Technology for disabled students – Reading

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Digital Technology for disabled students – Creativity

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Online Platforms used with SEN students

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Students wth vision impairments

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