Sample Lesson Plans

In this section we will work on the development of sample lessons for digital technology use in the classroom. The key element for the teacher in producing a lesson plan using digital technology as a tool in the lesson is to examine:

• How the digital technology use can enhance the students learning
• The suitability of the digital technology to the students learning style and ability
• The additional student engagement and motivation that the digital technology application can create
• Digital technology as an aid to weaker students or students with additional needs
• Digital technology as an aid to further study and revision

It is essential to ensure that the technology being use does not become a distraction in itself or is not imposed on students who may learn more effectively using different methods. From this perspective the professional view of the teacher is paramount. Teachers know their students and should be able to gauge the level of digital technology which can enhance student learning, increase student motivation and allow for students to engage in additional learning outside of the classroom. Teachers should never be put under pressure to use digital technology where they feel that it does not give added value to their class or is unsuitable to a specific students needs.

Lesson plans are very much individual to the teacher, subject and student level and ability. Those presented here are merely samples, each teacher will have to tailor their own lesson plans to their students needs and incorporate digital technology in a manner that takes cognisance of the students learning style, educational level, individual needs, motivation and any other factors that may impinge on the students ability to learn.


Currency and Maths


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Digital art for preschool children

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Package Holiday

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The use of a cloud digital resource

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7 Interesting Psychological Facts About Music

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Data Types

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